My Dog Just Stopped Eating

Such a headache aye when your newly arrived puppy stops eating for no reason. Not eating even egg yolks, mince and almost everything. Wondering what you should be doing? Well, in these cases, you should always observe carefully to make sure your puppy is not feeling sick or ill at all. If your dog is not showing any signs of sickness then congratulations, you could now move on to the easier step. 2 ways of resolving the issue of dogs not eating:

  1. Allow a decent dog cage to be placed at a quiet corner, let your dog rest in the cage and stop giving any food for approximately 24 hours. During this starvation, make sure sufficient clean water is offered at all times. Best to keep a drinking bowl in the dog cage.
  2. Enhance exercise load, this is often easier for small dogs by giving more toys and owners attention but in general, a nice adequate amount of walk or run freely is essential for all dogs.

Your dog’s appetite would normally regain right next day or in a very short period of time.

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