5 Common Foods That You Should Never Offer to Your Dog

Not sure what your dog normally act like when you are just about to open up a packet of potato chips, but my dog would always and I mean 10 out of 10 times kinda always, raise his head up and rush out from his dog crates and sits in front of me in speed of light. But we all know, for your dogs and puppies health and safety, their diet should be scientifically based.

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5 common foods that you should NEVER offer:

  1. Chocolate! Top threat on the list, so please watch out if your kids are feeding dogs chocolate! The worse thing is, your dog would never say no to chocolates, apparently they are so appealing but it could cause heart failure. The smaller your dog is, less doze would be required enough to be effective.
  2. Cooked poultry bones! Think about how chicken bones breaks when they’re cooked, yes, it becomes spiky with lots of sharp edges. Furthermore, it is narrow in shape, so a chicken bone could easily get swallow down your dog’s throat and stuck anywhere in your dog’s GI track.
  3. Nuts! The nature shape of the nuts would be just like a small pebble in your puppies digestive system.
  4. Raw fish or sashimi! You could tell the ancestor of your dog would stay away from the sea right? Raw fish could cause sore tummy and induces skin rashes.


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