How to Create a Dog Friendly Garden

If you are here reading this article then we will not be wrong saying that you are a concerned dog parent and you love your dog. Create a dog-friendly house garden is a dream most dog lovers see but they lack proper guidance and advices to put things into action. Every concerned dog parent wants to provide their dog a relaxing space where they can enjoy the nature sitting by their side. Every dog lover wants to grow a garden where their dog can safely coexist with the lovely plants.

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

If you want to spend some quality time in the yard with your dog daily, then you need to do a little planning first.  We do realize that many of you desperately want to have a garden and a dog but are reluctant to do so because you somehow believe that both of your passions cannot coexist within the confines of your backyard. Worry no more, as we are here to end your fears and make things easier for you and your dog. With a bit of dog whispering and planning, you can grow a garden-friendly dog and a dog-friendly garden.

First, you need to understand your dog. It is very important to know what your dog would expect out of it before you turn your yard into a garden. Stand at every yard corner and think what you dog would want from that space. Keep in mind his age and personality because they will dictate the space you need and the kind of garden you can grow.

Do not be surprised because “Breeds Matter”. For example, Sighthounds need to have a big space to run and love to sun bathe.  While some of the smaller dog breeds such as Tibetan spaniels can have low or no impact on the gardens. If you are parenting a terriers or Dachshunds then you should know that they are quite literally ‘earth dogs,’ and inclined to digging. If this is the case then we advise the dog owners to build a raised bed filled with sand. You can then train your dog to dig and play on it by using verbal commands and praise. You can bury a toy or some treats and run to the pit dig it up with your dog and play with it. If you see your dog digging anywhere else always encourage him to accompany you to the digging pit and praise. It will work wonders.

We recommend you to leave a sunny patch of the yard undisturbed so your dog has somewhere to enjoy the sunlight. Always designate an area that is away from the garden so your dog can eat, drink, play, and dig there. A large piece of driftwood or a tree stump can serve as a lookout perch and marking area. Think about creating a protected area e.g. a doghouse where your dog can escape the scary sounds of the lawn trimmer and the rotating blades of push mower. This will make them feel safe.

As a responsible dog parent make sure that, the garden is safe for your companion. Avoid plants that may be poisonous to them. Perform an online research about the plants that are unsafe for dogs and other pets. Avoid using insecticides as they can harm your dog.  Training your dog well so he way not interfering with the garden. If things go wrong, remember that your dog is just doing what dogs do. It is natural. Do not treat him like a demon who is out to destroy your beautification efforts.