How to Deal with Uncomfortable Moments of Crate Training?

You might experience times where your dog would just not gonna give up on barking in the dog crate during initial period of crate training, no matter how you whisper and softly talk to it to hush it calm, it just doesn’t stop.

It is a difficult time where it really challenges your patience and yes you could lose it any minute depending how hard the situation is.

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But you have to realise, most of the time (except when your dog have needs such as going to toilet) your dog is just anxious of being inside a place where you are not around. It needs attention, urgently!

This is when you want to give it a go on ignorance. Just leave your dog alone for a while to see if it would calm down eventually. Leave your dog some snacks and his or her favourite toy, then walk away (but stay nearby so that your dog still can see you) and turn on your TV.

You will be amazed on how TV works really great especially the ones with ongoing human voice with steady pace – yes news channels usually works perfectly for me!

And of course, everything needs to be reasonably adjusted, if ever your dog’s anxious level rises, do get him out from the crate and spend some time with him or her.

Atta boy/ girl, we could always try again soon J