Dogs 101 – Must-dos For New Puppy Owners?

Dogs 101 – Must-dos For New Puppy Owners?

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Toilet Training

Dogs tend to mark their own territory which this is something you could trace back to their ancestors, since it’s in their genes, you will find it hard to get mad at your new puppy when it goes to toilet at a wrong spot. Luckily, your puppy could be trained so that it knows a right thing to do to make you smile. First thing’s first – new born puppy within 6 months old would generally be the easiest for behavioural corrections. Toilet train your puppy as soon as it gets home. Choose a spot where you want your puppy to go to toilet and place some newspapers or training pads (most recommended) on the spot. Best time to introduce this spot to your puppy, would be right after a sleep or when your puppy just finished a good meal. Indicate your puppy to the toilet spot and get use to the place. What’s left would be punishments and rewards – show your puppy your angry tone when it missed the target while offer its favourite treat when it worked. Repeat this trial several times and make sure you name the toilet spot many times so that your puppy would start to understand. After x amount of treats, I am sure you’ll have a successful toilet training checked!

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Microchipping is a great invention as your dog’s personal ID and is able to tell who your dog is and who their owner is. Microchipping is required for all dogs owned in New Zealand and you could complete this step by visiting your local vet. Beware that this is a one-off thing and you would be facing a fine when you are requested to get it done but failed to do so.  You are looking at somewhere below $100 for microchip itself plus the insertion cost. The insertion is like getting your puppy vaccinated using a needle however your puppy should be getting only a little irritation but not pain. You will find a small amount of blood after microchipping is done and it is completely normal and this microchip do tend to shift along with the growth of your puppy in size.

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As per New Zealand governmental Law, every dog owner would have to register their dog/s at their local council. This fee comes in annual based which you would get written reminder, and this fee total would depend on your dog’s conditions such as whether or not it is de-sexed.  You dog’s registration number gets renewal with a new tag and number being post to you once the payment’s done.