Dogs 101 – How to Bath Your Dog Appropriately?

Dogs 101 – How to Bath A Puppy Appropriately?

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Nail Trimming

Now this is my personal least-favourite task, always lead to a very high blood pressure of mine, and dogs generally hate this too. Gently apply pressure to their paws pads and you’ll find a clear view of their nails. Whatever you are about to do, never ever cut on their ‘quick’. The quick is the part of the dog nail that often appears to be pink; it has all the nerves and blood supplies. If you happen to cut this part, your dog would scream and cry because they would bleed out. Not only that, you will find the next nail cutting session a mission impossible, so….fingers crossed for you if you are facing this moment anytime soon. You would want to only cut on the semi-transparent part of the nail on the tip and would rather leave it longer than cut to the minimum where you are unsure if you are going to accidentally cut on the quick. Simply bring them out to walk and run to further shorten the nails.



You would imagine dogs would love bath time as they are always crazy about being in water puddles on your daily walk, but the truth is no, they hate it! My friend’s golden retriever would always get himself into a stream no matter what weather is like on their daily walks, and still, hate hate hates baths. You would probably think your dog would want to smell like lavender, vanilla or sweet apple but the truth is they want to smell like mud or want to be covered the smell of a grass field by rubbing themselves onto grass or their own urine (Ewww….) So you and your dog would have to meet each other in the middle, by not smelling like grass but also not to bath them daily. Try to keep it fortnightly or even monthly as excessive bathing takes away their natural healthy oil on their skin and would eventually become dandruffy that prone to get infected.

Get pre-bath checks done by finger brush though your dog’s coat for any abnormalities, such as flees, ticks, skin infections or any lumps. You will need dog hair brush, dog shampoo, big dried towel and a hair dryer. Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly until it is smooth without any tangles and knots.  Wet its coat with warm water slowly starting from their legs.  Make sure no water gets into your dog’s ear canals by apply some pressure on their ears when wetting close to its ears. Use dog shampoo only and not your own shampoo as the pH levels would be different. Gently rub and massage through your dog’s coating and rinse it off – this step could be followed by the instructions on your dog shampoo bottle. Towel dry your dog and start blow dry, ha! Dog generally hates this by the hot air and noise, but a fully dried coat is very important as excess moist would lead to fungal growth and skin infections. I always brush my dog’s fur along with the blow drying and this works perfectly as the air could get contact with skin to ensure fully dried coat at the end. Just be careful on the temperature that’s all, you don’t want the heat to hurt them.

Dogs 101 – Must-dos For New Puppy Owners?

Dogs 101 – Must-dos For New Puppy Owners?

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Toilet Training

Dogs tend to mark their own territory which this is something you could trace back to their ancestors, since it’s in their genes, you will find it hard to get mad at your new puppy when it goes to toilet at a wrong spot. Luckily, your puppy could be trained so that it knows a right thing to do to make you smile. First thing’s first – new born puppy within 6 months old would generally be the easiest for behavioural corrections. Toilet train your puppy as soon as it gets home. Choose a spot where you want your puppy to go to toilet and place some newspapers or training pads (most recommended) on the spot. Best time to introduce this spot to your puppy, would be right after a sleep or when your puppy just finished a good meal. Indicate your puppy to the toilet spot and get use to the place. What’s left would be punishments and rewards – show your puppy your angry tone when it missed the target while offer its favourite treat when it worked. Repeat this trial several times and make sure you name the toilet spot many times so that your puppy would start to understand. After x amount of treats, I am sure you’ll have a successful toilet training checked!

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Microchipping is a great invention as your dog’s personal ID and is able to tell who your dog is and who their owner is. Microchipping is required for all dogs owned in New Zealand and you could complete this step by visiting your local vet. Beware that this is a one-off thing and you would be facing a fine when you are requested to get it done but failed to do so.  You are looking at somewhere below $100 for microchip itself plus the insertion cost. The insertion is like getting your puppy vaccinated using a needle however your puppy should be getting only a little irritation but not pain. You will find a small amount of blood after microchipping is done and it is completely normal and this microchip do tend to shift along with the growth of your puppy in size.

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As per New Zealand governmental Law, every dog owner would have to register their dog/s at their local council. This fee comes in annual based which you would get written reminder, and this fee total would depend on your dog’s conditions such as whether or not it is de-sexed.  You dog’s registration number gets renewal with a new tag and number being post to you once the payment’s done.



Dogs 101 – What Do I need to Know before Bringing a New Puppy Home?

Are you looking at one wee fluff ball and couldn’t take your eyes off anymore? Thinking about bringing one home today? Thinking about your new companionship who would accompany you when you eat and when you lying on the couch and maybe listening to your secrets?  But you are smart enough to know you cannot be so reckless without a second thought: What do I need to know? What am I expecting?

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Getting a puppy

There are so many furry souls but which one is for you? Well think about if you are going to provide enough space and costs before you decide on one. Google up your favourite dog breed to see their needs – such as you may not want a Labrador puppy if you are living in a small single room apartment or you may not want to get a husky puppy if you don’t own your living space..etc.


Lot of puppy owners shared a common question on how my puppy showed signs of sickness or being unwell right after being vaccinated. We need to understand the whole immune ideas would only take its effectiveness after 2-3 weeks of vaccination. Therefore during this period, your puppy is still vulnerable to the environment which it could get sick easily. After the vaccine took its effectiveness, some transmitting or contagious disease could still get passed on as the vaccines would not be covering everything. When it is possible, it would be the best to take a blood test of your dog on regular basis to check for antigens, so that the vet would be able to advise you which vaccines would be suitable at that certain stage.  When you have new puppy who just recently got vaccinated, please make sure you offer consistent shelter, food and environment. No bath or excess exercised in a week time, and definitely do not go anywhere near a sick pet.


All about where your puppy will be sleeping so a decent dog crate along with clean and comfy bedding is essential. Best to start crate training as soon as they are comfortable with the new home.  Believe or not, your dog hates being interrupted during sleep or being wakened up from a nap just as much as a human would do. Again, just like humans, they may show their temper lol!! Never have to stress about buying fancy bedding, your furry baby wouldn’t mind so much on sleeping on 100 bucks pet bed, or even on your old clothes (maybe they would even prefer your clothes with your smell).  I would say a good dog crate or dog cage would be a good indoor option and getting a playpen, dog house or even a dog run would be great outdoors.

Food and Diet

One most important thing to bear in mind is, by now you should have a good idea on foods you should never offer to your dog as apart from that, your dog would be always craving for your food on the table. Occasionally, yes, they could share a bite on the evil fried chickens but giving food with salt and spices is never a good thing. Think about their body portions comparing to yours, if you are feeling thirsty after a KFC meal, then this amount of salt would be a great burden to your dog’s kidney because of their body mass. Try to always stick on dry dog food from your local pet shop and if you have to (or forced to lol) feed them cooked meat, it would be the best to offer water-boiled chicken breast for example with no added oil or seasoning.

Do keep in mind, regular human food feeding could result in quitting on regular pet food or biscuits. You will then have a new challenge, check on article of what to do when your pet is not eating.