How to Crate Train Your Dog?

How to Crate Train Your Dog?

The exciting moment has come and you have just brought back your new puppy to his or her new sweet home. However as a new dog parent you gotta go to work even though you hate the separation just as much as the puppy does.

Then you thought about all kinds of ‘what ifs’ – what if the puppy chews on my favourite furniture? Oh no, what about my dress left in the room; wait a second, I heard they chew on the electric wires too…and so on!

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Don’t leave your worries till later and you certainly don’t know how to be mad at a furry ball pup. Best way is to get your puppy a reliable dog crate to get the crate train started.

Yes, they may seem to be uncomfortable to start with, but with some patience and lots of love, they will eventually ease off the anxiety and starting to love its new private space.


Although the dog cage may end up to be your puppy’s ‘home’ however NEVER cage them up as if it is a prisoner.  Do not look at their cage as a place where you could just lock them up whenever you’d like to be alone. As this is definitely not the purpose of having a crate and it is harmful for your new puppy’s physical and emotional health, not to mention you won’t get any peaceful moment with all the barking.


Keep your puppy in the crate, leave the door open whenever you can, so that it knows it is free to get in or out anytime. Let it enjoy his or her favourite snack in the crate, sleep on its bed and accompanies by his or her favourite toy. Only to lock them up on short-period time basis and always make it feels comfortable and welcome to be in the crate.

It’s easy, just think about how you would not want to be a place where it is not comfortable and alone right?